February 2019 – Electricity issues with Energex

This month, a lot owner’s hot water went cold.  A plumber was called who found no issue with the plumbing.  Eventually, Energex was called and identified a fault in the electrical infrastructure on the property.  They also stated that other lot owners would have been affected in the same way.  The plumber charged $200.  The lot owner asked the plumber […]

January 2019 – Prospective lot purchaser

We occasionally get one of the questions listed below from a prospective lot purchaser.  Recently, a client using our bookkeeping service received these questions.  In small schemes, committees can struggle with an answer particularly when the lot owner selling is well regarded by the committee and the committee wants to be helpful.  As always, the committee needs to […]

December 2018 – General meeting motions

A lot owner had some concerns about a motion that was scheduled to be voted upon at an upcoming AGM.  The issue was around the motion wording, the explanatory note, and the attached quotation to the Notice of meeting.  Written and verbal clarification had been sought from the committee and specifically the committee member who had organised […]

October 2018 – When a body corporate does not have an ABN

A property manager of one of our clients queried the format of the levy notice that we issue on behalf of a body corporate that we manage.  They suggested that they might have to withold tax because the body corporate did not have an Australian Business Number (ABN). The body corporate is a small scheme that […]

June 2018 – Another satisfied client converts to the two-lot regulation

The BCCM Commissioner recently advised that there are now in excess of 43 thousand community titles schemes in Queensland.  Only 1.5% of these schemes are registered under the two-lot module, yet about 50% of the 43 thousand schemes consist of only two lots.  Since the two lot regulation has only existed since February 2012, it is likely […]

May 2018 – Water charges and GST

This month, we helped a body corporate that came unstuck with GST after they took on the responsibility for charging lot owners for water usage.  The body corporate was registered for GST.  The reason for taking on the responsibility was so that a fairer allocation of the charges could be made to lot owners based on sub […]

Improvements to common property in a town house scheme

Recently, in a body corporate that we manage, a lot owner installed solar panels on the roof above his townhouse without approval.  Whilst he was totally unaware that permission was needed to make improvements to common property, it is not always easy to work out what is common property in a town house scheme. You must […]

Counting of votes for special resolution

We recently convened an AGM that highlighted the skill and knowledge needed to ensure the votes in a special resolution were correctly considered.  Some decorative lights at the entrance to the property had failed.  The repair cost was outrageous and the committee decided to disconnect and not reconnect them.  Approval was sought and given by the electrical designers […]

Committee and owners meetings

We helped a Body Corporate this month that had got a bit confused.  They were in the habit of holding a Committee and owners meeting.  At the meeting, there were lot owners present who were not on the Committee.  Their meetings were informal, and at past meetings there had been general consensus from all attending in relation to […]

Lots in arrears for significant amounts of time

There has been a lot of chatter about the recent District Court of Queensland decision (BC for Mount Saint John Industrial Park CTS v Superior Stairs & Joinery Pty Ltd [2017] QDC 245).  There is a clause (S145) in the Body Corporate standard module regulations that states – If the amount of a contribution or contribution […]