January 2019 – Prospective lot purchaser

We occasionally get one of the questions listed below from a prospective lot purchaser.  Recently, a client using our bookkeeping service received these questions.  In small schemes, committees can struggle with an answer particularly when the lot owner selling is well regarded by the committee and the committee wants to be helpful.  As always, the committee needs to […]


Recently, a client in a building format plan found her townhouse egged.  Missiles had also been directed towards a neighbouring townhouse in the Body Corporate.  Her townhouse is surrounded by an exclusive use allocation, apart from an adjoining wall to another townhouse in the Body Corporate.  This messy event led the impacted lot owners and the Committee to […]

Schemes with mixed survey plan formats

We uncovered a tangled web this month.  A scheme of townhouses had been developed over an extended period of time.  The scheme has a private road and for all intensive purposes all the townhouses seemed similar with no lot fencing but with landscaped grounds surrounding each building on the scheme land.  The scheme was not a layered scheme. […]


A Body Coporate that we manage in Taringa has recently raised the issue of smoking.  This is a common issue which frequently arises in our managed schemes; what measure of control does the Body Corporate have over smoking?  While by-laws regulating smoking in Queensland community titles schemes may be passed, they are unable to prohibit the activity […]

Visitor car parking

One of our clients is having problems with a lot owner parking on the common property.  Most by-laws permit such parking subject to permission (with a stated end date) being given by the Body Corporate upon the applicant writing to the Committee with a valid reason.  The Committee are required to consider the application and make reasonable […]