Recently, a client in a building format plan found her townhouse egged.  Missiles had also been directed towards a neighbouring townhouse in the Body Corporate.  Her townhouse is surrounded by an exclusive use allocation, apart from an adjoining wall to another townhouse in the Body Corporate.  This messy event led the impacted lot owners and the Committee to […]


A Body Coporate that we manage in Taringa has recently raised the issue of smoking.  This is a common issue which frequently arises in our managed schemes; what measure of control does the Body Corporate have over smoking?  While by-laws regulating smoking in Queensland community titles schemes may be passed, they are unable to prohibit the activity […]

Visitor car parking

One of our clients is having problems with a lot owner parking on the common property.  Most by-laws permit such parking subject to permission (with a stated end date) being given by the Body Corporate upon the applicant writing to the Committee with a valid reason.  The Committee are required to consider the application and make reasonable […]

Insurance denied!

We heard recently of a case where a Body Corporate on a Standard Format Plan was denied insurance.  The buildings in the Body Corporate had common walls and so the insurance needed to cover the buildings as well as the common property.  An insurance inspection report had uncovered deficiencies in many of the lots (related to the […]

Insurance confusion

In Building Format Plans, the Body Corporate is responsible to insure the buildings on scheme land.   Most insurance policies include cover for anything that is ‘plumbed in’ to the building.  This would include stoves, airconditioning units, solar panels, rainwater tanks.  Insurance coverage addresses events such as fire, theft, motor fusion, storm and consequential damage.  It does not address […]