Insurance for Bodies Corporate in Queensland

Insurance for Bodies Corporate in Queensland

Bodies Corporate in Queensland are required by the Act to insure for full replacement value of the following items : the common property; the body corporate assets; and the buildings on the scheme land.  In some situations, typically where there are no common walls between lots, insurance for the building can be a lot owner responsibility.  There are a range of insurance policy options that can be selected.  Some are discussed below –

Public Risk

This option covers legal liability to pay compensation for Personal Injury or damage to property.  In some states, it is mandatory to have this cover.  In Queensland, the Body Corporate must maintain at least $10 million coverage in regard to the common property and related assets.


Consider the risk and impact of flooding.  Check whether the policy covers this type of event and what type of flood events the insurer is covering (storm surge, storm water backup, etc)

Voluntary Workers Accident

This option provides compensation for accidents incurred by voluntary workers.

Fidelity Guarantee

What is the risk of the Body Corporate funds being stolen?  What is the impact to the owners in replacing the funds?  A Fidelity Guarantee can cover the risk and lessen the impact.

Machinery Breakdown and Electronic equipment

Think about any Body Corporate assets that are in this category (eq. pool filter or video surveillance).  This type of cover extends the insurance for Body Corporate assets and is useful where there is a significant impact of an unexpected failure.  Note that this type of policy option does not usually cover the costs associated with the regular maintenance of these assets or the normal wear and tear breakdown events.

Committee Legal Liability

Think about the risk and impact of a civil liability claim brought against the Body Corporate or an individual Committee member.  Generally, coverage does not extend to where there is a breach of duty or dishonesty.  The beneficial impact of any state based ‘Civil Liability Act’ should also be considered.


Always use reputable contractors and ideally ensure that they have adequate Public Liability insurance.


This information has not been prepared by an insurance practitioner.  You should not rely on it as legal or insurance advice.

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