Queensland body corporate DIY software for self managed committees

Do it Yourself – Self managed body corporate software

DIY-BC has many features.  Listed below are the features that cover most bodies corporate.  If you have a requirement that is not listed, just ask us, we probably already do it.

  • Cloud based self managed body corporate software for up to 50 lots.
  • Fully supports the QLD BCCM Act.
  • Support for automated generation and despatch of contribution instalments.
  • Automatic calculation and application of discounts and penalties.
  • Support for budgeting of administrative and sinking funds.
  • Reconciliation of up to ten separate bank accounts or investments.
  • Smart upload and processing capability using your bank’s transaction extract.
  • Support for GST and cash accounting (not accrual).
  • Email management to all owners, tenants and stakeholders.
  • Complete AGM agenda, collateral and minutes in a flash.
  • Scheduled or adhoc email reporting for current financial status and lot owners in arrears.
  • Extensive reporting on data including S206 and Form 13/26 certificates.
  • Electronic web voting for general meetings

Try the demo software or review the sample reports.

What is the upfront total cost…

Pricing will be displayed below once you select the number of lots in the picklist below.  You must review and customise the number of bank transactions to be recreated.  The paragraph below gives guidance.


Number of lots in the scheme (2…50)
Approx number of bank transactions to recreate (0.999)
One year subscription
Once off setup fee
Total upfront payment (inc GST)


We require that you permit us to setup your body corporate in our system.  We do this to ensure that the financial accounts and the lot ledgers are correctly reconstructed from the end of last financial year.  There is a one time setup fee for this task.  The setup fee includes an allowance for the typical number of bank transactions on your bank statement between the end of financial year and when we setup the system.  The setup fee should be adjusted up or down to match your situation.  You can change it now if you know approximately your number of expenses.  Our setup includes –

  • Configuration of the system based on supplied rolls, registers and current CMS.
  • Establishment of the opening balances, budget, and levies based on AGM documentation.
  • Entering of all receipts and expenses since the end of last financial year into the system.
  • Reconstruction of all levies, discounts, penalties to ensure lot ledgers match on handover.
  • Recreation of the financials at handover to demonstrate the correct rebuild of the accounts.

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