Our services

Our Services
Core Services

Tracsafe has developed a specialist software capability that enables us to offer Body Corporate administration services tailored for you.  No matter which service you select, the software is the same.  We will use the same software when we fully manage your scheme that you would use if you choose the DIY alternative.  The system needs to be efficient, accurate and complete .. and it is.  You can transition seamlessly across our services should the Committee want to do less or more of the administration tasks.

In summary, our core services are …

DIY-BC cloud based self managed software service
Body Corporate Bookkeeping service across all of Queensland
Body Corporate Manager engagement to Bodies Corporate in Brisbane and beyond
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Duplex Services

We have a range of options (similar to our core services) especially for two lot duplxes. Read more.

Miscellaneous Services

We have a number of specialist services that we have developed over the years to assist Committees.  Our most requested service is to recover a Community Management Statement.  Review all miscellaneous services.