Queensland Body Corporate – Small Schemes vs Standard Regulation

Difference betwen the QLD Small Schemes and Standard Regulation

Newly built Queensland bodies corporate with between 3 and 6 lots (inclusive) are usually best governed by the Small Schemes Module which is a regulation under the BCCM Act.  Your complex may be subject to the Standard Module due to historical reasons.  This can be changed though a motion at a general meeting and subsequent registration of a new community management statement with the Queensland Title Office.  Have a look at the table below to understand the major differences.

FeatureSmall Schemes ModuleStandard Module
Office BearersSecretary and TreasurerChairman, Secretary and Treasurer
Office Bearer contraintsOne person does both jobs if only one on committee otherwise one person does only one job when there are two on committee.One person can do all three jobs
CommitteeMinimum 1, Maximum 2Minimum 3, Maximum 7 (or the number of lots)
BankingOne to sign is sufficientTwo to sign is required
External auditResolution required if audit wantedSpecial resolution required to have no audit
Committee meetingsNo notice required7 days notice and all lot owners notified
Committee nominationDone at AGM - no notice required.Requests must be issued 3-6 weeks in advance of AGM.
Committee resolutionsMinutes must go to all lot owners.Minutes must go to all lot owners and lot owners have the right to lodge notices of opposition.
General meetingsCan be conducted by teleconference or videoconference. Remote voting is ok if agreed by the Body Corporate.Can be conducted by teleconference or videoconference. Remote voting is not possible.
ProxiesCan be used in any wayRestrictions on when they can be used and how many can be held by one person.
Body Corporate Manager term1 year maximum.3 year maximum.
Service contractor term1 year maximum.10 year maximum.

If your Body Corporate has only two lots, the new Two Lot Regulation module may be more appropriate.

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