Body corporate manager Brisbane, SEQ, Rockhampton and beyond

Brisbane, SEQ, Rockhampton (and beyond) body corporate manager

Tracsafe offers a complete body corporate manager engagement to bodies corporate located in Brisbane, SEQ, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and rural schemes in Queensland.  Our body corporate managers are Level IV certified in property operations or equivalent.  Our practice fully supports the SCA (QLD) code of conduct.  You can expect that –

  • Our contracts are simple and easy to understand.
  • Our fixed fee is inclusive of regular body corporate activities.
  • Our fee is tailored to match the effort expended on your scheme.
  • There are no additional exit charges should you ever consider discontinuing our services.

Take the next step by requesting a quotation or contact our offices to ask any specific questions.  We specialise in town houses and rural schemes.

Request a quote for a full service body corporate manager

Request an online quotation by completing the form below.  If you do not receive your quotation within two business days, please call us on our contact phone numbers. In the form below, a VOC means a flying minute or a Vote outside of Committee.

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Why Choose us
Priced for fair

When comparing on price, make sure you add the following items to the current Manager’s fee (use last year’s financials) – postage, printing, stationery, disbursement charges, mobile, telephone, fax, email charges, levy arrears fee, bank fees, DEFT fees, levy processing fees, licence fees, admin fees, meeting fees, software fees, call out fees, GST.

Seamless software

We fully support bodies corporate that want to be empowered and manage their own affairs.  Select us as your body corporate manager and you can transition to self management or our bookkeeping service at any time.  You will use the same body corporate management software that we use.

Keeping it simple

We believe that our simple, honest approach to managing your affairs will deliver savings that you will not get elsewhere.
Review a case study of a body corporate we started managing.

We know the legislation

Creating and maintaining our DIY body corporate software and our DIY self management book requires us to know the legislation in minute detail.  It is surprising how often that detailed knowledge of the legislation is important in even a small body corporate.