Duplex record keeping

Record Keeping for duplexes (2 lots) in Qld

You never need attend another AGM or committee meeting! Read why here.  Take advantage of the Qld government legislation introduced in 2012 specifically for duplexes.

Set and forget

Once your duplex is governed by the two-lot regulation, you can largely move into a set and forget mode.  Our experience is that the yearly building insurance policy renewal is about the only common event that needs to be discussed by duplex owners, year on year.  At other times, once-off events will occur and decisions will need to be made.
The Tracsafe webservice is designed to help with those processes –

  • Keeping your records safe and sound in the cloud.
  • Advising lot owners of invoices that require payment.
  • Recording insurance policies and valuations.
  • Issuing email reminders such as the statutory five yearly insurance valuation.
  • Supplying information to 3rd parties (S206 and Form26) when lot owners are selling.
  • Agreeing and updating your lot owner agreements.
When should we proceed

If your body corporate is unmanaged, you can commence immediately by clicking on the button below.  If you are currently managed, you may want to look at your existing contract and assess the best time to change over.  Taking up the Tracsafe option will usually payback after just one year as body corporate managers are typically charging a year on year fee that is the same as our once off first year fee.

Authority to proceed

As part of our process, we will create documentation that authorises the changes to be governed by the new legislation.  This documentation must be agreed by both lot owners.  Make sure before you commit to this purchase that both lot owners are happy to proceed.

Where’s the fine print

We use the same standard contract for all our duplex record keeper agreements.  You can read our contract here.

How much will it cost?

Our first year fee includes both a one year subscription to our DIY portal and a once off CMS conversion fee.  Included in this conversion fee is the Government’s charge for recording the new Community Management Statement to the Titles Office.  In subsequent years, the renewal fee for our DIY portal service is $96 should you choose to continue.
In order to complete the conversion, we do require that you provide us with the current CMS and the body corporate’s common seal.  If you do not have these, we can recover your CMS and/or have a common seal made.  This is an additional cost ($50 for each item needed).

Tracsafe can help

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