Tracsafe body corporate record inspection

Body corporate record inspection request

Use this page to purchase a body corporate record inspection for a Body Corporate that is under management by Tracsafe.  Upon payment, we shall email the following information regarding the lot requested –

  • Current ledger statement for the requested lot
  • An extract of the roll of lot owners
  • Levies for the current financial year
  • Minutes of the last AGM
  • Current bank account balances
  • Summary of building insurance

Should this information be insufficient for your needs, you will need to contact us to make further arrangements.  Please note that the Act requires that anyone seeking this information must be an ‘interested person’.  An interested person means a mortgagee of a lot, the buyer of a lot, or another person who satisfies the body corporate of a proper interest in the information sought.

Name to show on invoice
Your email address
CTS/CMS Number (<=999999)
Lot number (1..99)

Further charges may apply if you want us to find and send you specific documentation.  Alternatively you can attend our offices and find the documentation for yourself.
Once you submit this request, a tax invoice will be displayed and an email sent asking you to make payment.  Our payment options are cheque, direct bank deposit, or PayPal for Visa & Mastercard.  After payment has been received, the request will be processed.

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