Sample reports from Tracsafe Body Corporate DIY Self Managed software

Sample reports generated from QLD DIY self managed body corporate software

Have a look at some of our sample reports generated from Tracsafe’s DIY self managed body corporate software.  The ease of our system, the extent of our reporting, and the level of our conformance to the QLD legislation exceeds the capability of our competitors.  Most reports can be generated in just a few clicks or setup to run at periodic intervals.  Tweak your levy configuration once a year and stand back and watch them issue by themselves adding penalties as and when required!  Listed below is a sample selection of the reports that can be generated.  Whilst these reports are from the PDF set, there are a range of reports that we have not listed that generate transactions in CSV format.

Levy (Bookkeeper only)pdf file
Levy (DIY)
pdf file
Lot extractpdf file
Lot ledger statementpdf file
Historical levy statementpdf file
Year to Now financial statementpdf file
End of Financial Year statementpdf file
Budgetpdf file
Ledger Account statementpdf file
AGM Agendapdf file
AGM documentationpdf file
Contraventionpdf file
S206 Disclosurepdf file
BCCM Form 13pdf file
Tracsafe can help

Try the demo software, and/or get convinced and then buy your cloud based Body Corporate self managed software subscription.  If you want Tracsafe to take more of the administrative tasks then review our alternate services.