How to change the postal address of an existing body corporate in Queensland

Change the postal address of an existing body corporate in Qld

The Queensland Titles Office records the service address of every lot title in Queensland.  This includes the common property of the body corporate.  A correct postal address is important.  You could expect any of the following correspondence to be sent to the address –

  • Annual land valuation statement.
  • Local infrastructure changes such as the NBN.
  • Development applications for adjacent properties.

Changing your address for service is tricky to get correct as a Titles Office examination of your paperwork is greatly scrutinized and often results in rejection for newbies.  We can change it for you and our price is fixed.  It includes the cost of corrective action with Titles where we are responsible for the incorrect paperwork.

The price varies a little depending upon your situation but in all cases we have allowed for an hour of our time to complete this task.  If you have a seal and an existing CMS, the price is ~ $180 which includes the Titles Office fee.  If you have no paperwork, the price after allowing for the additional disbursements may be as much as ~ $280.  Email us or phone and we can give an exact price that will depend upon your situation.

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