Body corporate management the way that you want it

Body corporate management the way that you want it.
DIY-BC Self managed body corporate software service

TRACSAFE’s DIY-BC cloud based self managed software service is designed to minimise the time and effort required to manage a body corporate.  DIY-BC streamlines communication with owners, automates levy tasks, handles administrative processes, and ensures all your important records are secure and readily available.

Just body corporate bookkeeping (Queensland)

You have an active committee but generating levies, receipting payments and getting the accounts correct can be a pain.  It is a specialist task and we have the software and skills to do it right for you at a very efficient price.  For bodies corporate throughout Queensland take a look at our body corporate bookkeeping service.  We do the financial admin tasks so that you can focus on maintaining and caring for your property.

Full service body corporate manager (Greater Brisbane, SEQ, Rockhampton and beyond)

If your body corporate is located in the South East Queensland corner, Rockhampton, Yeppoon or a rural scheme anywhere in Queensland, then Tracsafe body corporate services can satisfy you with our full service body corporate manager capability.  Read about a case study where we took over full management.  It is easy to change body corporate managers.  Review how to replace your body corporate manager here.

Compare the services and find the right one for you
ServiceSelf managed body corporate software serviceBody corporate bookkeeping serviceBody corporate manager
DescriptionAutomated web service that makes the committee's job a breeze.Levies emailed and posted. Invoices paid, monies receipted. Year end financials created. All done by us.A reliable body corporate manager service.
What service is right for us?Committee is motivatedCommittee is motivated but want to outsource financial tasksCommittee needs broader support
PriceLess than 10% of a body corporate manager fee.Our discounted price reflects that the services are limited to bookkeeping only.Competitive and no surprises.
Review pricing and buy Body Corporate software cloud service.Get an online quote for Body Corporate Bookkeeping.Request an online quote for a Body Corporate Manager.
Available in SEQ?YesYesTownhouses are our specialty
Available in Rocky?YesYesWe cover Yeppoon
Available in Queensland?YesYesMostly rural schemes
Available in Australia?YesNoNo
Maximum number of lots50100100
Is Tracsafe providing any Body Corporate Manager functions?NoneLimitedSubstantial
Is there an Administration agreement?No, but see our web terms which will apply.Yes, we will send you a contract with our quote.
Any bank account constraints?NoAccount must be with bank nominated by Tracsafe
Who mostly uses the DIY-BC web software service?Committee onlyBoth Tracsafe and committeeTracsafe only
Who configures the initial setup?Tracsafe onlyTracsafe onlyTracsafe only
Can owners be granted access to web portal?YesYesYes
Learn more?Show me the detailGet online quoteGet online quote