Is DIY the right choice for your body corporate

Is DIY the right choice for your body corporate

Sometimes, a Do-It-Yourself approach to body corporate administration is not the best choice.  Please consider whether the following topics might be an issue for you.  If they are likely to be an issue for your committee, then contracting the services of a body corporate manager is probably the better way to go than using our self managed software.


If you are very time poor, then taking up the administration tasks of a body corporate may not be in your own or the body corporate’s best interest.  Whilst the DIY-BC software does significantly reduce the effort required, it does not eliminate the effort.


Basic secretarial and accounting skills will be needed.  If you are familiar with running a meeting, taking minutes, making payments and receipts and reconciling a bank account – then you probably have what it takes.  DIY-BC software makes these things much easier to complete, but a basic understanding is essential.


Whilst you may be fully capable of taking on the Do-It-Yourself challenge, have you considered what to do if you are away for an extended period of time.  DIY-BC enables other people to seamlessly take on activities, but you probably need to identify who that backup person can be.


There may be times when you need to take actions on behalf of the body corporate that might jeopardise relationships with other lot owners.  Late payments and discount approvals are two examples.  DIY-BC can help by making the system be the decision maker in many cases, but not in all cases.

Want to find out more

These are not the only attributes of a good committee.  The state regulators have extensive information for prospective committee members.  Follow these links –

Tracsafe can help

Try the demo software, and/or get convinced and then buy your cloud based body corporate self managed software subscription.  If you want Tracsafe to take more of the administrative tasks then review our alternate services.