Develop a body corporate scheme in Queensland

Establishing a new body corporate (3 lots or more) in Qld

Are you a developer constructing a property in Queensland which will comprise 3 or more lots?
Let Tracsafe set up your body corporate.  We will –

  • Review the first Community Management Statement created by your solicitor.
  • Establish all records including rolls, registers, seal and original owner collateral.
  • Establish the bank account of the body corporate.
  • Authorise contractors on your behalf for insurance valuations and sinking fund estimations.
  • Set the budget and levies for the first year of the scheme.
  • Generate reports for input to S213 or S206 Disclosure Statements.
  • Supply information to 3rd parties (eg. BCCM Information Certificates Form 13).
  • Create documentation for the first AGM. Convene, attend and minute the first AGM.
  • Act as the body corporate manager until the First AGM.
  • Allow lot owners at the first AGM to determine how the BC should be managed going forward.

The first AGM will occur soon after 50% of the lots are sold or no later than six months after titling.  Our attendance at the First AGM will be remotely when the location is more than 20km from Brisbane CBD unless otherwise agreed.

When should I proceed

You can engage us anytime after development approval is obtained and preferably before construction has ended.  Don’t leave it too late to benefit from our experience.

Where’s the fine print

We use the same standard contract for all development agreements.  Read our contract.

How much will it cost?

Third party charges are not an inclusion of the price.  Please review our contract terms.  In particular, the preparation of the first Community Management Statement must be completed by a solicitor.
The Act precludes the recovery of our fee from buyers.  This establishment contract concludes at the First AGM.  A standard body corporate manager contract can be voted upon by lot owners at the first AGM.  Our experience is that this makes for happy lot owners who are not locked into a contract imposed upon them by the developer.
When you compare our price with others … make sure you include any variable charges up to and including the first AGM … there are no additional charges when you select us.
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