Compliance report

Compliance report for a Queensland body corporate

For self managed bodies corporate (less than or equal to 10 lots), we offer a compliance review service to help committees be confident that they are addressing all issues that are relevant to the Act and associated regulation.

We will review your operations with regard to –

  • Community Management Statement
  • Documentation of general meetings held in the last 12 months
  • Documentation of committee meetings held in the last 12 months
  • Rolls and registers
  • Forms, notices, instalments issued in the last 12 months
  • Record retention
  • Relevant legislation (BCCM as well as other relevant Acts)

Please note that this service is not a financial audit as prescribed by the Act and for which only an approved auditor can complete.  Rather, this compliance review covers a much broader spectrum of body corporate issues including some aspects that are relevant to financial controls.  Essentially, we formalise and apply the same review processes that we use on the bodies corporate that we directly manage to enable us to provide an assessment that any competent body corporate manager should conclude.  The review makes no assessment of the adequacy of contractors used by the body corporate nor do we recommend contractors.

When and how should we proceed

Order our service online, pay our fee, and we will be in contact.  Generally, the review is conducted over a period of about two weeks.  We rely on the secretary providing all relevant information (preferably electronically) and responding to our questionnaires.  At the conclusion of the review, we will provide a signed statement indicating compliance or otherwise of relevant sections of the Act and regulations.  This service does not involve any site visits.  It is completed remotely.  The service is not available to bodies corporate that are under body corporate management.


Our review must not be construed as a substitute for legal or financial advice.  We are neither lawyers or accountants.  Our review is conducted by a body corporate manager with a relevant certification.  The report should be considered as the advice that would be received from a competent body corporate manager.

Any third party charges are not an inclusion of the price.  For example, a copy of the most recent CMS must be provided by the body corporate.

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