Why choose our self managed DIY body corporate software

Why choose our DIY software

If you have already tried the demo software and reviewed the sample reports, you may not need any more convincing!  But just in case, here are some reasons for buying DIY-BC (Do-It-Yourself body corporate software service).

Pricing to match your budget

Body corporate managers can be perceived as an expensive overhead.  If you have committee members with the right skill sets, then a self managed body corporate approach can help keep your costs down.  Whatever your reason for managing your own body corporate affairs, our software can help you.  DIY-BC is a low cost investment for a big reward for the volunteers of your body corporate committee.

Ease of use

We are very confident that our product will not only reduce your work effort but also improve your efficiency.  SMS your whole committee in an instant to remind them of the committee meeting.  Our AGM template ensures all statutory motions are correctly incorporated.  All in few button presses or less!!  We use the same software for our managed clients, so we need the software to be efficient and we know it is.

Ease of access

DIY-BC can be accessed from any internet enabled environment.  This enables tasks to be completed at any time of day not just when at home.

Highly automated

DIY-BC allows contribution instalments to be automatically generated and sent by email.  Discounts and penalties are automatically calculated and applied.  A simple cash accounting system is used to support payments and receipts.  Up to ten separate bank accounts are supported.  Administration and sinking funds are backed by a standard set of accounts that can be added or deleted as required.  Budgets and end of financial year statements are easily generated.

Continuity and consistency

DIY-BC allows more than one person to participate in the administration of your body corporate.  Additionally, this capability ensures a smooth transition as office bearers come and go.  Our structured, form driven approach ensures records are correctly entered using a consistent format.

Secure environment

Many voluntary organisations rely on office bearers to maintain records in their own home environment.  This is traditionally paper based, but more commonly is also electronic using simple spreadsheets or databases stored on the volunteer’s personal computer.  These systems are vulnerable to all manner of security attacks which can lead to data corruption, loss and theft.  Physical attacks, such as fire and storm, are also potential hazards that can impact both paper and electronic documentation.  DIY-BC eliminates there risks by the electronic management of these records on our robust server housed in our data centre.  Backup of this information is automatic within the server environment.  Users can also make local backups.


Are you keeping accurate records of the original owners, immediate past owners, tenants, reserved decisions, exclusive use, assets etc.  DIY-BC supports all of these records.  It can also help by generating compliance reports that assess your records against the state enabling legislation (Queensland only at this time).


DIY-BC has the capability to prevent owners (should they log on to the system) from viewing other owners’ and tenants details.  Alternatively, owners can access a subset of other stakeholder details for those stakeholders who have given this authority.  All email correspondence is sent such that recipients can not see the email addresses of others.  (Without our system, this often occurs unintentionally and can be a source of concern for recipients.  Not only is this a privacy issue but often can be a security issue if one of the recipients computing environment is virus infected.)

Tracsafe can help

Read our FAQ if you have more questions and then buy your cloud based body corporate self managed software subscription.  If you want Tracsafe to take more of the administrative tasks then review our alternate services.