Body corporate services for duplex owners

Comparison of Tracsafe’s QLD two lot (duplex) body corporate services

Two lot (duplex) bodies corporate in Queensland can choose from a range of Tracsafe services.  The table below summarises and compares the options.  However, unless there was a special reason for not selecting, we would recommend the record keeper service or the DIY-BC service.

DescriptionSmart web service that makes the lot owners job a dream.Smart web service that makes the lot owners job a dream.Tracsafe is your remote body corporate manager.
When to useYou are already under the two lot regulation and will self manage the record keeping.Stop having AGMs and hefty management fees and convert to the two lot regulation.There are corner cases which do not permit some schemes to change to the two lot regulation.
Is a Community Management Statement conversion included?NoYes, and the lodgement fee to the Titles Office is an inclusion of our first year feeNo
Who configures the initial setup?Tracsafe only (it is an inclusion)Tracsafe only (it is an inclusion)Tracsafe only (it is an inclusion)
First year fee$191$650$768
Subsequent year fee$96$96$573
More infoRead more and then buy it nowRead more then buy it herePlease call us so that we can qualify your situation
Who is the Record Keeper?Lot owner(s)Lot owner(s)Tracsafe
Is Tracsafe providing any body corporate manager functions as defined in the Act?NoneOnly during the CMS conversion processYes
Is there a body corporate administration agreement?No, but see our web terms which will apply.Yes, but only during the CMS conversion period. View terms of the record keeper serviceYes, view terms of the duplex management service
Any bank account constraints?NoA bank account is not requiredAccount must be held with bank nominated by Tracsafe
Who uses the DIY-BC web software service?Lot owners onlyLot owners only after the CMS conversion processNearly always Tracsafe