June 2018 – Another satisfied client converts to the two-lot regulation

The BCCM Commissioner recently advised that there are now in excess of 43 thousand community titles schemes in Queensland.  Only 1.5% of these schemes are registered under the two-lot module, yet about 50% of the 43 thousand schemes consist of only two lots.  Since the two lot regulation has only existed since February 2012, it is likely that the majority of the existing two-lot module registered schemes are newly created schemes.

We specialise in efficiently moving existing duplexes (under the standard or small lot module) to the two-lot regulation module.  The benefits of Queensland’s new Two Lot regulation are explained on our web site.  Our clients that use this service fall into one of two camps.  One set of clients are self managing but are exhausted by the red tape that is needed by their current regulation module.  The other set of clients are using Body Corporate Managers but want to save money by self managing after moving to the two-lot regulation.

We can provide a cost effective and efficient service to convert your duplex.  This is possible because of the automation and back office processes that we have put in place and because of our specialist knowledge.  Typically, a surburban lawyer will charge at least three times our fee to complete the same service.  Our most recent conversion was for a client in Brisbane that was being managed by a Body Corporate Manager and was looking for the savings.