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January 2019 – Prospective lot purchaser

We occasionally get one of the questions listed below from a prospective lot purchaser.  Recently, a client using our bookkeeping service received these questions.  In small schemes, committees can struggle with an answer particularly when the lot owner selling is well regarded by the committee and the committee wants to be helpful.  As always, the committee needs to make decisions that are in the best interest of the scheme.

  • Will my pet be allowed on the property?
  • Will the body corporate permit my home business?

The answer that we recommend that the committee make is –

Owners and occupiers are required to conform to council regulations.  Most councils have laws in regard to pet and business permits.  Additionally, owners and occupiers of our scheme are obligated to abide by the scheme by-laws that are set out in the scheme’s community management statement.  The body corporate does not preclude enforcing those by-laws or making any necessary change to those by-laws to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of the scheme by all lot owners.