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September 2018 – Terminate your body corporate manager contract

Tracsafe can help you terminate your body corporate manager contract.  The sad part is when we encounter an existing body corporate manager behaving poorly both as schemes try to leave and subsequently as schemes switch to a new body corporate manager.  In the case this month, the body corporate manager had signed a three year contract with the body corporate which had a year to expire (supposedly).  With our help, we assisted the committee to stand up to the manager and point out (no doubt they knew) that as the scheme was regulated by the SMALL SCHEMES regulation module, and any contract purporting to be more than one year was invalid.

The committee requested final financial documentation (as required by the Act) to be sent through prior to handover.  The request was ignored.  The committee wanted to collect their documentation on the day after the documentation was to be ready for handover from the manager.  Imagine their surprise to learn that this would incur a $40 cash only holding fee for collecting the documentation on the day after handover and then an additional $40 for every day after that.

Fortunately, not all body corporate managers are like this example.  Should a client ever leave our business, they will get the same courteous, honest service as they leave just as they received when they came to our company.  No financial surprises and no tricks.  If you want to terminate your body corporate manager contract, follow the step by step guide that we have written on how to replace your body corporate manager.